Specializing in Welsh & Hunter Ponies

Daventry Equestrian Daventry Equestrian is a quiet, picturesque private training and breeding facility only 45 minutes west of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are located one hour and fifteen minutes from the Edmonton International Airport and only four hours from the world famous Spruce Meadows. Daventry Equestrian specializes in the training and sales of top class Welsh and Hunter Ponies in a positive atmosphere and individually tailored programs. In 2017, we were named the USEF #28 Leading Pony Hunter Breeder.

The farm is equipped with stallion facilities and a fully equipped breeding lab for both fresh and frozen equine semen. Semen is shipped year round throughout North America.

All training and showing of the stallions, sales horses and ponies is done by Tracy Dopko. We have had ponies come in for "finishing" training as far away as Pennsylvania.

180' x 90' outdoor washed sand arena
full hunter and jumper courses available
55' round pen with washed sand footing

The 55' round pen has a washed sand base with 6' high walls. 7" diameter
posts are secured 6' into the ground. The excellent footing provides an
ideal place to start horses & ponies under saddle and has great drainage.

large individual grass paddocks

Large individual grassed paddocks and quarantine pens are available and
equipped with year round water and shelters. All sources of water are
cleaned out on a regular basis and kept heated during the winter months.
Trees surrounding the pens provides addition shelter from the wind. All
paddocks are constructed with 3 plank wood fencing and manure is picked
up on a weekly basis.

large grass pastures

All of our pastures are grassed and equipped with shelters and water.
The fencing is made up of 3 plank wood and all sources of water
are kept heated during the winter months. Our shelters provide
plenty of room for horses & ponies staying overnight in the pastures.
Trees at the north end of the pastures provides addition shelter.

all pens are grassed and equipped with water and shelters
premium hay
latest in therapy equipment

Equine Appraisal Services available
Judging and Inspection Services
Website Design Services

Daventry Equestrian

Daventry Equestrian is managed with the utmost care and highest standards. We provide clients with a unique and professional atmosphere in which to purchase horses & ponies of all levels of experience and success.